Short Fujifilm X-E2 AF Test with New Lens Firmware

When I wrote down my first impressions of the new Fujifilm X-E2 camera earlier this week, the firmware of the lenses wasn’t updated yet to make full use of the X-E2’s new autofocus system. A couple of days ago, the new lens firmware became available. Some quick tests revealed that the AF speed has become significantly faster. 

This morning my son had to play a practice game with the soccer team he’s testing out for. I spent most of the time watching how well Kobe managed to play in a game that was a lot faster and technical than he’s used to. So I managed to shoot only a limited amount pictures with the X-E2 and the 55-200 with the new lens firmware. This combination is definitely not a professional sports photography setup but it performed pretty well for occasional use and it’s definitely more workable than the previous X-cameras. Follow focus during fast action is difficult for the X-E2 but I think most, if not all, cameras at this price range struggle with that. But it was easy to get the more static shots and that’s already an improvement over the older X-cameras.
I believe I could get even more sharp pictures, even in action, with a little more practice and getting used to the new AF. All the pictures were shot in JPEG and some have a little Lightroom processing to them. 

20131109_oefenmatch-ohl_015 20131109_oefenmatch-ohl_017 20131109_oefenmatch-ohl_022 20131109_oefenmatch-ohl_028 20131109_oefenmatch-ohl_033 20131109_oefenmatch-ohl_035


Next week I’l be in Dubai for Gulf Photo Plus Photo Weekend and Fujifilm Belgium was kind enough to let me keep the X-E2 until after the trip. I’m sure the X-E2 will see a lot of action in Dubai and I’ll be able to write up my findings afterwards. 

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